Choosing a costume for sidste skoledag

In denmark they have a special event called sidste skoledag. It’s usually the last in school for many school children and they are celebrating it by pranking their teachers and the smaller classes, while being hidden behind a costume. Picking the right costume for sidste skoledag is the best part of this event. Some just walk into the local store like karnevalsshoppen and pick a random costume they think is cool or funny, while others spends week creating their own sidste skoledags kostume. Sometimes the whole class pick a common theme, but most of the times every person just create his or her own style of costume. But let’s a look at this event and come up with a few tips on how you can choose the best possible costume for sidste skoledag. You can read more about this event here at www.qualitytime.dk/sidste-skoledags-kostume-fiskerne/

DIY or buy a costume?

Should you create your own costume or just buy one from the local store? For many studens this time of year is usually a very busy time. You are about to enter a whole new stage of life, and several students have to move to another city (or even country) before starting on their next education. Creating a costume takes time, and since time isn’t something you are likely to have a lot of, in this situation buying a costume is most likely the best choice. Often it’s more fun to create your own, and you will end up with something unique that you know others won’t show up in, but it all comes down to how much time you got on your hands.

Should I pick a theme?

Choose a theme for the entire class is often the best idea. You will be part of something bigger and nobody will think your custome is funny or strange, as all your class mates are also dress up in a similar costume. So in my opinion, you should always pick a class theme for your sidste skoledag kostume. Which theme you should choose, depends on your class and what people in it likes. Choose something that everybody things is funny or interesting, not just something that a few people likes. Often the this choose comes down to what 1-2 people perfer, but you really should try to involve the entire class in this process. Creating a vote on this topic would be one way of doing this.

Other things to consider

While it might be really funny to be dressed out as chewbacca from starwars, the fun soon wears off, if it’s a really hot summer day, or if you are standing in a Borat g-string, while it’s raining and freezing colde. So a good idea is to try to predict what type of weather you will get a your place, and choose a costume that it’s to cold or to hot to wear.



Finding a good health costume

Another theme that is getting really popular is dressing out as health products or vegetables. Everything from a yellow banana to a black chiafrø. There are many options and for some reason this has become quite a popular theme over the last 2 years. For instance a few months ago I was at a small carnival in Germany. about 20% of the people in the parade was dressed up like vegetables, Milk or organic food. While it may be fun the first 5 minutes to be dressed a a chiafrø or a cucumber, I find it pretty lame. Sorry say so, but I don’t think it’s very mature, especially when talking costumes for grown ups, that you should up as a banana. Come on, I am sure a lot of you peple can find something more fitting. I am throwing a small costume party here next month, and I have always put down the first rule. None of my guest will be allowed at the party if they are dressd as vegetables or any kind of food!

But what can you do if you want to show that you care about about our planen or wants people to eat more healthy? I am sure that finding a good health costume might be quite a challange if you can’t come dressed a banana. But there are many better ways of doing so.

People dressed out in as fruits, chiafrø and vegstables.
How not to do it!

Ok if this how you shouldn’t dress out in a kostume, then what would be a good solution for those who absolutly want’s to show their devotion to this theme? Well one example could be something like this.

How you chould dress up as a banana

Quite a difference right? While one type of custumes just comes of as lame, the other is actually quite classy, even why there are not a huge difference. I am sorry to say it, but not all of you can pull of a banana costume with grace.


Costume race for paracycling

Here in Copenhagen, we have just started a new event, A costume race to help raise money for the local paracycling team.The guys behind the race is the local company – Kostumer og udklædning, and they think that over 500 are going to join this costume race next weekend. It will be quite fun to watch a bunch of people running through the streets of Copenhagen, dressed as Spiderman, Spongebob Squarepants, Briketter or the Ninja turtles. The price for entering the race will be 100 danish kroner, and 90% of the amount will goto the local paracycling team. The last 10% will be saved for next years race and a some snacks for the volenteers. It’s our hope that with this additional support, they will quality for the WM next year. Paracycling is a cycling sport for people with some kind of handicap that prevents them from competeing on the same terms as normal elite sports people. I personally think it’s a great idea. Not only does it promote and show interest for a cool sport, it also gives us a great chance to pick up a cool costume from Kostumer og Udklædning. I for one intent to join this race and I think that the perfect costume for it, would the Flash! I doubt I will win, but with 500 people competing, my goal is a top 50 spot, that should be possible, as I am in a pretty good shape, compared to the time of year. Most people only start their running season here in January, I started 6 months ago as I am planning on running a marathon here in May. One of my friends, Martin who is actually a real live native indian, are also joining the race, and he is one of the fastet people I have ever meet. I actually think that he is going to win this race, unless of course he picks a totally ridiculous costume like Spongebob Squarepants. Heck even with a Spongebob Squarepants costume from Kostumer og Udklæning, I am sure he will beat me in the race. The idea of a race to raise money for a thing such as paracycling is really great if you ask me. Most people won’t mind paying 20$ to take part in a race like this, especially when the money goes to a good cause, like this one. A few more races like this every year, wouldn’t be a bad thing if you ask me. Personally I wouldn’t mind take part in 4-5 of those races every year. But not if all of them are costume races, one of those per year would be fine with me.


Unique Costumes For Couples

Online kostumer til voksne - halloween, fastelavn, sidste skoledag m.mThe costumes for couples are a hit these days. The sexy costumes are hot today. However, there is another trending and hot costume nowadays and that is the couple’s costumes. How about combining costumes for couples and make it sexy? Would it sound exciting? Of course, you would not expect that this can be possible but it is. If you browse on couple costumes, you can see many of them. Discovering several sexy couple costumes for Halloween party to be worn would be easy. Many kostumer og udklædning are available. You only need to browse and visit the site that offers the costumes and you will see how wonderful the costumes are.

However, there are some people encounter problems when seeking for couple costumes but never with kostumer og udklædning. It is not that easy to find the best couples costumes. You will see many kinds of costumes but if you spend time on surfing online. You can see more socket and plug outfit and rather wearing costume like Adam and Eve. While you are seeking for sexy outfit, you need to think about what kind of couple costume you want to be worn. Of course, you are picking costumes for you and for your partner. Therefore, you need to be careful on your choice.

If you want to look cute with your Halloween couple costume and your partner, you can do that actually. You can look with effort on the couple costumes or even customize your own costume and for your partner. But, you cannot make it easily if you don’t have any idea. You need to plan first if what kind of costume you are going to make. Make sure that the costume is good for partners. Of course, you would not want to wear ninja turtle costumes because we all know that males mostly wear this kind of costume. You can wear superwoman costume and superman costume for your partner. But the most important thing is, no matter what kind of costume it might be, as long as you are comfortable and your partner on what you both are wearing makes it more perfect.

Source: http://kostumerogudklaedning.dk


How Wonderful Costumes Are?

udklædning til fastelavn - fastelavnskostumer til voksneHave you seen many kinds of costumes? If so, you can surely say more about costumes. Once you are asked to explain and describe about costumes, it is expected that you are can many things about it. Halloween is the most common event wherein we can witness different kinds of costumes. With many different styles and colors of costumes or kostumer, it would not easy for us to pick the best. When you visit shops selling costumes, you would surely amaze on different styles and colors of costumes. Costumes are truly wonderful. If you are going to attend costume party, you can see different kinds and styles of costumes.

If you want to have the best costume worn when you attend costume party, you can get some ideas on how to make it. Of course, you can make or customize your own costume. If you are out of idea on how to make it, you can check some styles of costumes online. Browsing some more website with costumes can add some ideas on how to make nice and wonderful costumes. Did you know how wonderful costumes are? Have you ever notice that costumes draws a smile on your face with a proper udklædning? Once you see costumes, you would surely feel like how you would look like when you wear it.

Wonderful costumes are everywhere. All you need to do is to spend time on looking for cute and nice costumes. You don’t need to copy the entire appearance of the costume. You can simply get an idea on how to make good and nice looking costumes. Customizing kostumer or udklædning is more fun and exciting. You can create a good looking and nice costumes if you want. Wonderful costumes would not simply add smile on your face but can also share your unique costumes ever. Enjoy the costumes and have fun with it while wearing.

Source: http://onlinekostumer.dk


Costumes That Are Good For Adults

We all know that costumes come on different ages. You can see costumes for kids, costumes for adults and even costumes for any ages as long as it fits on the body. Many costumes these days are being worn by adults even though it is good for kids. It only depends on the size of the costume. The kostumer og udklædning for adults are as the same as costumes for kids. You will see the nice and colorful costumes ever. The sexy costumes will serve as the most fashionable instincts of adults. But, there are adult costumes that are designed as sexy and daring ones. Therefore, they are not to be worn by kids or pre-adults.

Sexy-CosplayMost garment outlets and even shopping malls have dedicated not the same sections to sexy costumes for adult since it is becoming more and more popular every day. You can freely choose which adult costumes you would like to buy. Once you have not gone to a good shop of adult costumes, you can still seek online. There are many online stores that offer the best costumes for adults. The kostumer og udklædning is a great choice of costumes for adults. If you want to attend sexy Halloween costumes for adults, then you can happily attend with the best costumes being worn. There are several shops that specialize on sexy and daring costumes for adults with low priced costumes.

Most cheap costumes are simply not worth it but there are still those having good quality. Once you spend bucks, be sure that you are spending it on a worth it shopping. Bikini is the most popular sexy adult costumes these days. Many people are keeping on looking the best sexy costumes for adult ever. Indeed, adult costumes are truly exciting to wear. Popular costumes for adults are pirates, vampire, playboy, super heroes, witches and devils, French maids, doctors and nurses, school girl, angels and devils.


Sexy Halloween Costumes – Make Halloween More Exciting

Who among you have attended Halloween parties? Or let’s just say, have you attended parties with the scariest costumes ever? It would be more fun if you attend Halloween parties with the sexiest Halloween kostumer og udklædning ever. You can make Halloween parties more unique and different from scary parties wearing scary costumes. You can become a sexy witch if you want. In making more costumes becoming sexy, choosing black color is nice. The choice of picking colors for your unique and sexy costume is great. Once you pick a sexy costume for Halloween, it depends on you how on to make it sexy. Of course you can buy sexy costumes for Halloween but you can also make some changes to look more different.

sexy-halloween-costumes-by-Stinkie-Pinkie-thumb-300x200-14973In fact, you are buying the costume that you are about to wear and there is a possibility that you can have the same costume worn during the party. So, be creative on your thinking and add more accessories while wearing the costume. Halloween kostumer og udklædning are other popular costumes. Many people are buying Halloween costumes especially during Halloween. They use to buy the costume for Halloween parties or other purposes. Of course, it is not hard to find costumes because even online you can choose. There are different kinds of costumes to choose from with their designated prices. It depends on you now on what costume you are going to pick and buy it. Costumes are truly entertaining as it keeps on making the people happy. Being excited on wearing costumes will provide you the best feeling ever.

Many Halloween kostumer og udklædning are available in online and offline stores. Therefore, you need to spend time on choosing which one you pick. Tendencies like you will be wearing the same costume from the other and to add accessories on the costume will make a different. Make the Halloween party more exciting thorough wearing sexy Halloween costumes to make the party fun.



The Excitement Felt When Wearing Costumes

Have you seen costumes with different styles and of different categories? If so, you would surely ask to yourself on how exciting it might be to wear the costume. Many people who usually collect different kinds of costumes considered it as a hobby. They use to buy different kinds and styles of costumes by the time they find it nice to see. Another thing, there are those who usually collect costumes for different purposes. There are people use to collect costumes because they just want to do it, some even wear it during a normal day just for the fun of it. Some of them also buy different kinds of costumes for kostumer og udklædning play purpose. However, being a costume collector is not that easy. For instance julekostumer is most likely one of the most popular types of kostume these days. You need to make sure that you are buying a good quality product. Of course, you don’t simply look at the costume and buy it because it has good looks and it’s nice to look at. The quality is another important tip when buying costumes.

69900For those who are costume collectors such as julekostumer, they are already aware if the costume has the quality or not. With the experience to collect costumes for many years or even months, they are now aware on how to identify if the product is good or not. A costume collector would actually feel the total excitement once they see their costumes collections. There are those who really want to collect kostumer og udklædning because they easily attracted to the colorful costumes. There are several categories when it comes to kostumer og udklædning or just julekostumer. One of the popular costumes in the market these days are the Halloween costumes, superhero costumes, Disney costumes and many more. Hong Kong is the most popular country when it comes on costumes. You can find lots of kinds of costumes here in this part of the world. Princess and superhero costumes are amont the best bestselling costumes, then comes the products such as julekostumer, halloween kostomer, tyroler kostumer and such. It all comes down to finding the stuff that you like, and what you think would be great to wear. Not just what everybody else is wearing. Set your own style and make your own twists to the clothes, so that you end up wearing something special and unique, nothing just put on whatever everybody is using these days, but set your own style and personality. You will end up becomming even more popular if you do so, rather than following the crowd like everybody else. It is so much excited if you buy a new kostumer og udklædning. You would feel the excitement and also a happy feeling that you have another costume bought.