Costume race for paracycling

Here in Copenhagen, we have just started a new event, A costume race to help raise money for the local paracycling team.The guys behind the race is the local company – Kostumer og udklædning, and they think that over 500 are going to join this costume race next weekend. It will be quite fun to watch a bunch of people running through the streets of Copenhagen, dressed as Spiderman, Spongebob Squarepants, Briketter or the Ninja turtles. The price for entering the race will be 100 danish kroner, and 90% of the amount will goto the local paracycling team. The last 10% will be saved for next years race and a some snacks for the volenteers. It’s our hope that with this additional support, they will quality for the WM next year. Paracycling is a cycling sport for people with some kind of handicap that prevents them from competeing on the same terms as normal elite sports people. I personally think it’s a great idea. Not only does it promote and show interest for a cool sport, it also gives us a great chance to pick up a cool costume from Kostumer og Udklædning. I for one intent to join this race and I think that the perfect costume for it, would the Flash! I doubt I will win, but with 500 people competing, my goal is a top 50 spot, that should be possible, as I am in a pretty good shape, compared to the time of year. Most people only start their running season here in January, I started 6 months ago as I am planning on running a marathon here in May. One of my friends, Martin who is actually a real live native indian, are also joining the race, and he is one of the fastet people I have ever meet. I actually think that he is going to win this race, unless of course he picks a totally ridiculous costume like Spongebob Squarepants. Heck even with a Spongebob Squarepants costume from Kostumer og Udklæning, I am sure he will beat me in the race. The idea of a race to raise money for a thing such as paracycling is really great if you ask me. Most people won’t mind paying 20$ to take part in a race like this, especially when the money goes to a good cause, like this one. A few more races like this every year, wouldn’t be a bad thing if you ask me. Personally I wouldn’t mind take part in 4-5 of those races every year. But not if all of them are costume races, one of those per year would be fine with me.