Finding a good health costume

Another theme that is getting really popular is dressing out as health products or vegetables. Everything from a yellow banana to a black chiafrø. There are many options and for some reason this has become quite a popular theme over the last 2 years. For instance a few months ago I was at a small carnival in Germany. about 20% of the people in the parade was dressed up like vegetables, Milk or organic food. While it may be fun the first 5 minutes to be dressed a a chiafrø or a cucumber, I find it pretty lame. Sorry say so, but I don’t think it’s very mature, especially when talking costumes for grown ups, that you should up as a banana. Come on, I am sure a lot of you peple can find something more fitting. I am throwing a small costume party here next month, and I have always put down the first rule. None of my guest will be allowed at the party if they are dressd as vegetables or any kind of food!

But what can you do if you want to show that you care about about our planen or wants people to eat more healthy? I am sure that finding a good health costume might be quite a challange if you can’t come dressed a banana. But there are many better ways of doing so.

People dressed out in as fruits, chiafrø and vegstables.
How not to do it!

Ok if this how you shouldn’t dress out in a kostume, then what would be a good solution for those who absolutly want’s to show their devotion to this theme? Well one example could be something like this.

How you chould dress up as a banana

Quite a difference right? While one type of custumes just comes of as lame, the other is actually quite classy, even why there are not a huge difference. I am sorry to say it, but not all of you can pull of a banana costume with grace.