Choosing a costume for sidste skoledag

In denmark they have a special event called sidste skoledag. It’s usually the last in school for many school children and they are celebrating it by pranking their teachers and the smaller classes, while being hidden behind a costume. Picking the right costume for sidste skoledag is the best part of this event. Some just walk into the local store like karnevalsshoppen and pick a random costume they think is cool or funny, while others spends week creating their own sidste skoledags kostume. Sometimes the whole class pick a common theme, but most of the times every person just create his or her own style of costume. But let’s a look at this event and come up with a few tips on how you can choose the best possible costume for sidste skoledag. You can read more about this event here at

DIY or buy a costume?

Should you create your own costume or just buy one from the local store? For many studens this time of year is usually a very busy time. You are about to enter a whole new stage of life, and several students have to move to another city (or even country) before starting on their next education. Creating a costume takes time, and since time isn’t something you are likely to have a lot of, in this situation buying a costume is most likely the best choice. Often it’s more fun to create your own, and you will end up with something unique that you know others won’t show up in, but it all comes down to how much time you got on your hands.

Should I pick a theme?

Choose a theme for the entire class is often the best idea. You will be part of something bigger and nobody will think your custome is funny or strange, as all your class mates are also dress up in a similar costume. So in my opinion, you should always pick a class theme for your sidste skoledag kostume. Which theme you should choose, depends on your class and what people in it likes. Choose something that everybody things is funny or interesting, not just something that a few people likes. Often the this choose comes down to what 1-2 people perfer, but you really should try to involve the entire class in this process. Creating a vote on this topic would be one way of doing this.

Other things to consider

While it might be really funny to be dressed out as chewbacca from starwars, the fun soon wears off, if it’s a really hot summer day, or if you are standing in a Borat g-string, while it’s raining and freezing colde. So a good idea is to try to predict what type of weather you will get a your place, and choose a costume that it’s to cold or to hot to wear.



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