Halloween Costumes – from Kostumer og udklædning

Uhyggeligt halloween kostume fra morsøOne of the coolest costume events of the whole year is Halloween, at least if you ask me. Why is that? Well it’s a costume party for both the kids but also for the adults. You dress up in scary costumes and frighten the kids and adults alike. It was an old Celtic tradition, which immigrants from Scotland brought with them to the USA. It was originally a festival to scare the spirts of the dead and prevent them from doing mischief in the land of the living. Now a day it’s just a fun party where you dress up in a scary costume and have a good time or go trick and treat. You can read more about the background of this festival here at Morsø kostumer.

Finding a good Halloween costume

Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be quite the task for some. Should you just buy a cheap costume from one of the many online webshops or should you create your own. Each of those two possibilities got its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Buying a costume

Before you even consider ordering a costume online, but sure that it can reach your door before the date where you need it. I know several people who have bought a costume online 3 or 4 days before the event, they need it for, just to have it arrive a day or two afterward. So if you decide to buy online, do it in good time.
The good things about buying it online, is that you have a huge selection to choose from, and you don’t have to put any work into it. There is almost any Halloween costume you can imagine. Demons, vampires, skeletons and ghosts. Some of them are a bit pricy especially you also have to pay for delivery. Not all countries got great costume stores online, so sometimes you have to buy from a foreign country which may increase shipping costs. Here you can save a lot on shipping, by teaming up with your friends and place a big order together.
If you ask me, there are two problems with buying a costume. The first is that your costume isn’t unique, and there’s a big chance that someone else might show up in the exact same costume.

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The other problem is that you can’t be creative and got nuts with your imagination, like you can when you create your own Halloween costume.

Creating your own costume

Just as it is with buying costumes online, you have to be in good time when creating your own costume. Often it takes a lot more time that you imagined when you start on the project. You might also need to order some small additional accessories for it, in order to complete the dress.
Personally I prefer to sew my own costumes. Not only do I get a unique piece, but I rather enjoy the whole process of creating it and being creative. I often end up with a far more detailed costume, compared to merely buying one.

You could of course easily combine the two, such as buying a cheap costume in a local store or online, and then modifying it yourself, so that it becomes cooler and more unique.